Quick SMS ID Verification

Just send an SMS

As easy as sending an SMS to get instant ID verification results.

SMS Instructions

Draw your Identity Validation Report via your Mobile phone. Once you've sent the ID number via SMS (see instructions below), the Verified details will be sent back to you instantly.

Follow the instructions below

  • Use your mobile phone's SMS function
  • Send the 13-digit RSA ID number with our keyword(IDNO) to 38021
  • Type it like so - IDNO 'space' 13-digit ID number
    Example: IDNO 7905025426088
  • SEND TO 38021
  • An SMS with the verified details will be sent directly to you

No Subscriptions. No Repeat Charges. Only pay for SMS sent.

After sending the ID number to 38021, you will receive the following information back:

  • Validity of ID number
  • Registered Names
  • Registered Surname
  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • Age and date of Birth
  • Citizenship (South African or Foreign)

SMS are charged at R10.00

SMS Terms

This is NOT a subscription service, you ONLY pay per SMS sent. There are NO Sign-up charges, you only pay for the SMS you send. We will NOT use your Cellular Phone Number for marketing and we will NOT divulge your Cellular Number to any third party, see our Privacy Policy. Network fees and administration fees will be deducted from amounts paid and all SMS's are charged at R10.00 per SMS sent. Errors are billed out of our control by your cellular network, please submit a SUPPORT TICKET if you experience any difficulties with the system. This service is subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Please Note

ID Numbers for children (ages from 0 -18) will not provide any data in the return due to the child protection act but will return whether the ID number is VALID or NOT.

Technical Issues

If you experience any problem with the SMS service, please do not send the SMS more than once, send a support Email with the detail of your transaction and we will assist you further, or we will send the validation report to your Email address in PDF, upon proof of transaction and validity.